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Welcome to the Ecumenical Church!

We are excited about the impact Jesus has in our lives and want to share this experience with you. After many years of doing church and having been done in by church, we were looking for something deeper. We were looking past the rituals and personalities. We wanted to see Jesus. This is what our church is about, a personal, up close relationship with Jesus Christ. After all. isn't that what's it all about, man and God in true reconciliation.

We are ecumenical, which simply means that we are worldwide in scope, ministry and mission. We are global through local prayer groups and churches. Each individual is connected locally to the whole body of Christ in heaven and on earth. We are not isolated unto our selves but connected to one another globally through Jesus Christ.

So many have been hurt in church denominations and the way church is practiced in many cultural settings that we decided that we would be a church where all who are seeking the love God and a personal relationship with Jesus have found a home. It doesn't matter what your past affiliations have been, we are excited about who you are when Jesus comes to dwell in your heart.

As members, we practice our faith like Jesus and the 12 disciples. We believe in fellowship and true discipleship where you can grow in Christ and in ministry and mission. We believe God has a plan for your life. We are a part of His great commission to teach every living person the world the things that were revealed in Jesus.

Come join us as we follow Christ and live out daily the wonderful life He has in store for you right now and forevermore. It's all in the journey.

With the blessings of Jesus in your every endeavor.

Bishop Redfern II

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