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Alexis Tsangning

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Alexis Tsangning was born born on March 19, 1982 in the small village of Melong 2, in the Littoral Province of Cameroon (Central Africa). He is the son of late Djiozang Suzanne and Polycarpe Tsangning. He is the fifth child of a polygamist family of over 35 children. He is now residing in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife Mandy and their two children Diante and Malachi.

After completing his education with French as his second language, Alexis decided to travel around the world. This vision lead him to teach himself English. After becoming fluent in English he landed a job in China teaching middle school students to speak English. He worked in China as language instructor for four years. He pursued his teaching assignments with a lot of passion and devotion.

Alex is a remarkable and successful entrepreneur. Shortly after his salvation, the Lord began transforming his life. He was promoted to manage a small business center in Yaounde, Cameroon. After successful building his employer’s company for four years, he started his own business center. With his quick learning ability and strong knowledge of computer technologies, he founded another company, United Communication Network. This is a Cameroon based company, promoting internet business and online communication to corporations and residential customers.

Alex is also the founder of Domain Registry of Cameroon, the Cameroon leading internet servers hosting and domain name registration service. He is passionate about providing an electronic payment solution to the people of Cameroon and Central Africa. He is the President and founder of NET UNION, the first generation of Internet payment processor that will bring electronic payment to Central Africa.

Alex has attended the Full Gospel Mission Church in Cameroon and Victory Family Worship Center in Pennsylvania. He now attends First Church of the Nazarene and the First Ecumenical Church in Columbia, South Carolina. He shares with a lot of joy, the things that the Lord has done for him. Although Alex is part of a big family, he was separated from his parents, brothers and sisters at a very early age. He uses the experience of his childhood to impact the life of the younger generation. Alex started his first outreach in 1999. He joined a club to provide help for young people with life difficulties, and to young men and women affected by HIV Aids in the city of Yaounde.

Alex joined CityLight in 2011 as an answer to the call of Ministry God has on his life. Alex has served as a daily volunteer at a drug recovery Ministry in Columbia, working with the men on basic language skills, anger management, character quality and scripture memorization. He has also established national CityLight prayer group in Cameroon. With his wife Mandy, he has initiated a ministry of collecting and distributing food to families in the Midlands. His purpose in ministry is to serve The Lord Jesus Christ by reaching out to the lost and to the needy with a touch of love and a hand of giving, fulfilling both the two great commandments and the great commission.