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Andrew Dev

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Andrew Dev is an Evangelist, Author, Conference speaker and also a Songwriter. The eternal life, which is extended to every single soul who believes in Jesus Christ, was inherited by him on the May 31st of 1984. As is normal to every born-again child of God, he could not help proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to every person he met. The assurance of Salvation envisioned Andrew to start his ministry in a Village. Love for God, longing for His Word, and yearning for His Ministry always results in growth and Andrew grew to become a Youth Leader. His messages captivated the hearts of young people as they heard his Sermons and the message of Jesus. His ministry among young people kept growing until it matured into a Youth force called REX ministry. Through this ministry Camps were organized for the benefit of youngsters. Hundreds of young hearts accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, anointed, delivered and committed themselves for the unending work of God in this universe. The burden nurtured by a man later blossomed into a blessed ministry THE JESUS MESSION. After his marriage TO Jeyarani their ministry proliferated at a rapid pace.

Andrew believes that the Eternal Call on his life is expressed when preaching the Good News of Jesus to every soul. Over the years of his continued efforts, Andrew has authored over twenty publications. His publications are often used as reference material by preachers and believers. The first book was published in the year 1994 “Bible Calls” and is the literature wing of this ministry through which many other books have been published. Bible explanation for the New Testament and Old Testament expound on the truths of Bible in a simple way. Every believer can be edified and strengthened through these books. It is a useful manual for God’s servants and seminary students.

Several of Andrew’s books are prescribed reading in Bible Colleges. The Spirit of God is resting upon him to proclaim the saving grace of Jesus to each and every soul who attends his meetings. Hundreds respond to the altar call given and receive healing in their soul and body. His messages about God's love, righteousness, salvation, faith, healing and The Cross are powerful, soul stirring through which thousands have been blessed.