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Luella Redfern

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Luella Redfern is a licensed and ordained minister with the Ecumenical Church International. She serves as the National Executive Director of CityLight Women’s Ministry, The Esther Women of Influence. Prior to entering the ministry, she worked as a Mortgage Underwriter/Compliance Officer for several large mortgage companies with a demonstrated history of effective leadership. After a successful 25 year career in the Mortgage Banking Industry, Mrs. Redfern answered God’s call on her life and entered into full-time ministry serving women and young girls. Currently she teaches and leads bible study. She speaks at women ministry events, church conferences, faith-based and community organizations, encouraging and empowering women with the Word of God to discover their purpose. She also serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for Christ Central Ministries Columbia Mission Station located in Columbia SC.

She has served as Navigator Course Instructor for the Colorectal Cancer Disparities Elimination project which promoted colorectal screening and cancer prevention education among the churches and faith-based communities in South Carolina. Her ministry is presently focused on motivating women to pray, encouraging them to achieve intimacy with Jesus Christ. It is her desire to see women empowered to become Godly catalysts through prayer and bible study, impressing upon them the fundamental importance of the woman’s role in her family and in her community.

Mrs. Redfern began her ministry 12 years ago along side her husband, Bishop Redfern, II. God’s Word is evident in all her speaking as she applies scriptural truth to today’s world. She is a charter member of Citylight Women's Ministry. Prior to joining CityLight, Luella served as Director of Christian Education for the Ecumenical Church of Christ where she taught women and children's bible study. Mrs. Redfern and her husband are the parents of three children and make their home in Columbia, SC.