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K. Ouidette Gasque-Carter

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Ouidette Gasque-Carter is as unique as her name. Ouidette is a dedicated and committed woman of God. She is the daughter of Senator J. Ralph Gasque and Berlyne Enzor, both deceased. Born in Columbia, SC and reared in Florence, SC with her brother John Gasque. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters; Ansley & Olivia ages 23 and 21. A graduate of Francis Marion College receiving a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sociology in 1979 and earning Masters of Social work from Florida State University in 1981. She worked 23 years in the SC Department of Mental Health in various leadership positions and held volunteer positions as President of NAMI Mid-Carolina and Board Member with NAMI SC. She authored an article published in Psychiatric Services, The Educational Needs of Families of Mentally Ill Adults: The South Carolina Experience.

Through the years she has served the church in a multitude of roles. Ouidette assisted in teaching Sunday school to the youth at Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church. She was a Lay Reader at Saint Simon Saint Jude Episcopal Church. At Irmo Family Worship Center, Ouidette printed the Sunday bulletins, copied cassette tapes to be distributed to the shut-ins, and participated in the Angel Food Ministries. For the past three years, Ouidette has volunteered with “Victorious Overcomers,” a discipleship program at Central Assembly of God.

Ouidette knows what it truly means to go from riches to rags. Her career path took her to levels where she advocated for patient’s rights, developed and implemented programs, grant writing and organization of several committees to provide better services to a diverse client base. She was excelling and loving her work until one day that world came crashing down as a result of bad choices, betrayal by people she trusted, abandonment by both family and long time friends. Ouidette was a very spiritual person then but the adversity, trials and tribulations brought her to her knees crying out to God for repentance and a deeper walk with Him and a vow that from that day forward, she would totally follow Him wherever He wanted her to go. As she sat in the ruins of the life she had built for herself, she saw the house that the Lord wanted built inside of her which wasn’t treasures on this earth but treasures in heaven. This required a sanctification process to completely change her thinking and her ways to know His thinking, His ways and His character. The rebuilding process required her to be humble, patient, loving and forgiving those who hurt her with a desire to have a clean heart and right spirit throughout this difficult path. Ouidette kept her vows to God allowing him into the deepest places of her heart although excruciating painful at times, with long suffering. Through this place in her journey she was totally dependent on the Lord as her husband, provider, counselor, healer and deliverer. She became less and He became more. She has always been a hard worker, problem solver, and convergent thinker, compassionate, server of others, giving to others, intelligent, knowledgeable, resourceful, strong & courageous. She continues to have all those qualities now but from a place of God’s heart of love, compassion, wisdom, knowledge as he continually develops the fruits of the Spirit such as gentleness.

While Ouidette has been faithful to God and true to her commitment, she continued to experience suffering, humiliation, cruelty, and disrespect from others, including the family of the body of Christ. She could easily have been described as Job or Joseph and she was determined she would represent the heart of God to let His light shine through her instead of allowing her human nature to control her. As it says in Isaiah 61, God promised he would give her a double portion of honor and prosperity and renew, restore & rebuild. As Ouidette proved her devotion to the Lord, the Lord kept His promises to her. One of her best friends and a sister in Christ believes that Christ has prepared, trained, promoted, and anointed her to give to others what He has given to her. Christ has called her into ministry and it has been her heart’s desire and will be to know the heart beat of Jesus & to hear, “well done my good & faithful servant.” Now she begins another era which requires greater discernment, resourcefulness, and a desire to bring the richness of God’s color to others. As she imparts on this journey, she requests that those whom God puts in their heart, to stand with her, covering her with prayer and encouragement as she takes His light into the world.