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Ramón Emilio Balaguer Trujillo

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Ramón Emilio Balaguer Trujillo (REBT) was born in the capital city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. After the assassination of his great uncle, President Generalissimo Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina, Ramon left the Dominican Republic at very young age seeking political asylum in the United States. Molina had ruled the Dominican Republic for 31 years.

Ramon lived in several US states including New York, Florida and California before returning to the Dominican Republic. He was able to return under the Presidency of another uncle, President Dr. Joaquín Antonio Balaguer Ricardo, to complete high school at the Carol Morgan School. Dr. Ricardo was president of the Dominican Republic a total of 24 years.

Ramon joined the United States army in January 1979 with a service record spanning 17 years. During his military career he performed is several Military Occupation Specialties to include: Combat Medic, Nurse, Medical Supply & Logistics Specialist, Airborne, Air Assault, Expert Weapons Specialist, Martial Arts and Fitness Trainer. He fought in Grenada and the Iraqi war. He was awarded the Bronze Star, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal and many others.

Balaguer attended the University of Maryland with a major in Political Science. He has a Finance Degree from Central Texas College. He studied Business Management at Chaminade University of Hawaii. Ramon has earned technical certifications as a Health Fitness Trainer and Combat Martial Arts Expert and instructor.

Ramon is an successful entrepreneur. He owns and manages several businesses under Balaguer-Trujillo Enterprises, LLC. They are Systematic Building Services (SBS), AMB Entertainment, MAB Brokers IBO with AmeriPlan, and Cosmos Communications.

Ramon is active volunteer in many community organizations. He serves as the chief development officer of CityLight ministries and treasurer of Citylight Prayer Group #1. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Washington-Williams Institute which provides resources to help eliminate poverty, empower women and their families to become self-sufficient. Ramon is a much sought after speaker for the United Way and a key advisor to senior fund raising executives.

Ramon is a licensed and ordained minister in the Ecumenical Church. He serves as an associate minister First Ecumenical Church. Ramon is also an active associate at Daniel Circle Chapel at Fort Jackson serving on the Men’s choir, Bible study teacher and Assistant President of the Parish Council.

While stationed in Italy and Germany Ramon met the former Annette Walker of Senatobia, MS and married her in Virginia on October 20, 1984 and is the proud father of Mario born in Honolulu, Hawaii on January 22, 1989 and Andrew born in Washington, DC on Father's Day of June 17, 1991.

Ramon describes himself as a child of the most high God, my Heavenly Father. He declares that he is a servant of my Heavenly Brother, God the son, Jesus, the Christ whose name is above all names. Ramon says he is a listener and follower of God, the Holy Spirit.