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Doris Drake born January 29, 1979 to the parents of Percy and Alma Jones is the third child out of six children. She is a graduate from the University of South Carolina. Doris has two children a daughter Unique Drake who is twelve years old and a son John Raykwon Drake IV who is seven years old. She has been employed with the City of Columbia for nine years.

As a child, Doris knew that God had a calling on her life. She developed a relationship with God at an early age. She was a member of Zion Pilgrim Baptist Church where she was baptize as a child. At the age of eight her parents would often have her preach in their living room for family Sunday services. She was also a part of a family group called Liz Kids formed by her Aunt LeConte, made up of her two younger sisters and two cousins, that went around to local churches singing gospel songs. As the members of Liz Kids got older the group broke up and her Aunt LeConte started Jesus Of Youth (J.O.Y.) Production. Doris and her older cousin Sebbie continued to be part of their Aunt ministry. J.O.Y. Production performed poetry and skits around local churches and venues. Doris had no idea at that time that being a part of her Aunt ministries were cultivating the gift and purpose God had on her life.

Doris lost faith in the church and God in her early teen years because of issues inside her church. She felt betrayed by God and questioned everything that she believed. Since God was the only one she would normally talk to about problems she did not trust anyone else to discuss what she was feeling. She was a lost sheep and her life changed at that moment. The devil took her doubt in God and claimed victory over her life by taking over her mind. Doris went astray from all the faith, peace, love, and teaching from her heavenly Father. She sought other gods and religions to fill the void she was missing from her relationship with God. God being a God of compassion, grace, mercy, and love never left her side. He will never leave thee nor forsake thee. The Holy Spirit still spoke to her although she often turned a deaf ear and did the opposite of what He said. God continued to show her favor and nurture her gift knowing one day His sheep will return.

Although Doris resisted living in God’s will, and was living a life of damnation the Holy Spirit would often speak to Doris through original spoken word poetry and songs. The poetry and songs started to motivate and redirect Doris back to her purpose and most important rekindle her faith and relationship with God. She started writing spoken word poetry and songs on a daily bases and realize that not only did her writings inspire her but others as well. When performing at an open mic event when asked what her name was the Holy Spirit gave her the name Rebirth. From the day forward she called herself Rebirth. The name fit perfectly because she definitely was going through a spiritual rebirth. Rebirth started attending Perfecting Faith Ministry where she gave her life completely back to God and made a covenant with God to live in His will, be a witness, and lead others to salvation through the calling He had on her life. She was baptize again as well to symbolize the outward change of her redefined life commitment to God. God has blessed Rebirth with deliverance from her sins and past, peace, salvation, and eternal life. Rebirth started her ministry Rebirth Enterprise (www.rebirthenterprise.org). God has opened so many doors for Rebirth. She produced her first single Tru’ Colors, she does spoken word poetry on 103.1 FM Radio, working on publishing a book, performed at many venues, and churches. Rebirth is a living witness of spiritual redemption and witness of how compassionate, graceful, and forgiving God is!